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who will join the 3000 hits club next and become its 26th member?

Who will be the next baseball player to join the 3000 hit club? Send us your prediction, including estimated date of the next great sports achievement. As a grand prize to whoever picks the next club 3000 member, your name will be featured on this web-page for 9-months!

Membership in major league baseball's Club 3000 Hit's Club is far from easy. This is why members of the 3,000 Hit Club are so few, numbering just 28 players. It's also extremely difficult to play ball the many years (or decades) needed to achieve 3,000 big league hits! A reason playing so many years is difficult is the fact sports injuries are unfortunately so common, especially back, leg, shoulder and knee injury.

The very distinguished and rare members of baseball's 3000 hit club are all listed below. Click on the baseball players name to learn more about his historic hit 3,000 and view rare actual newspaper box scores from the historic date. Sports Headlines and Sporting News are also below. Plus, rare and unique animated action photos showing the excellent muscular physique (with a very young Ted Williams wearing only shorts) of the now late and great Ted Williams and his superb picture-perfect swing.

Just a total of 28 major league baseball players have achieved membership in Club-3000. The percentage of left-handers is well above the total percentage of al MLB players with 12 batting from the left-side vs 14 being right-handed batters, and 2 switch hitters, batting from either side of the plate. Only 4 Club 3000 member players; Willie Mays, Rafael Palmeiro, Henry Aaron and Eddie Murray are also members of the also very difficult to reach membership in 500 home-run club.

In addition to Ted Williams, many other great baseball players never quite qualified for membership in Club-3000. Well-known or legendary players like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Ernie Banks, Barry Bonds, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. Famous names but an insufficient number of lifetime hits.


Date of 3,000th Hit

Cap AnsonAugust 3, 1897
Honus WagnerJune 9, 1914
Nap LajoieSeptember 27, 1914
Ty CobbAugust 19, 1921
Tris SpeakerMay 17, 1925
Eddie CollinsJune 3, 1925
Paul WanerJune 19, 1942
Stan MusialMay 13, 1958
Hank AaronMay 17, 1970
Willie MaysJuly 18, 1970
Roberto ClementeSeptember 30, 1972
Al KalineSeptember 24, 1974
Pete RoseMay 5, 1978
Lou BrockAugust 13, 1979
Carl YastrzemskiSeptember 12, 1979
Rod CarewAugust 4, 1985
Robin YountSeptember 9, 1992
George BrettSeptember 30, 1992
Dave WinfieldSeptember 16, 1993
Eddie MurrayJune 30, 1995
Paul MolitorSeptember 16, 1996
Tony GwynnAugust 6, 1999
Wade BoggsAugust 7, 1999
Cal Ripken Jr.April 15, 2000
Rickey HendersonOctober 7, 2001
Rafael Palmeiro July 15, 2005
Derek Jeter July 9, 2011

Ted Williams though not an official member of the 3000 Hit Club, falling a little short at 2,654 career hits, but still said to be the best hitter of all time. Ted Williams was the last MLB batter to achieve a .400 season batting average on Sept 1, 1941. Click-Here to view unique and rare animated photo's of a very young Ted Williams swinging the bat in 1941.

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Major League Baseball's 3000 Hit's Club

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