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Welcome to LadybugsForSale.com

"Ladybugs For Sale" or up for Adoption, a place where you can
adopt or buy live ladybugs (depending on seasonal availability).

Depending in the time of the year, our Ladybugs are either for sale or only up for adoption. That's because ladybug populations are quite dependant on the season, with much more population and ladybug density, based on the season. At this time there is a normal seasonal slowdown which results in no live ladybug sales but instead we offer ladybug adoptions. We will update this page when seasonal availability improves.

Please Note, At This Time of Year We Only Offer Adoptions...

With ladybug adoptions you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity which authenticity certificate will confirm your ladybug adoption, along with a color photograph of the live ladybugs you have decided to adopt, along with their names!

We specialize in the adoption or sale of live ladybugs from Arizona and The Valley of The Sun. Arizona ladybugs are perhaps the most beautiful live ladybugs in the nation.

Their great beauty may be the result of all the sunshine in Arizona, what with well over 300 days a year of bright sunshine. It's believed our Arizona sun vividly brings out the red and black colors of the Arizona Live Ladybugs. You may adopt our freshly "kid-caught" Arizona Live Ladybugs by selecting the quantity of Live Ladybugs from Arizona you wish to adopt, then clicking-on the Buy-Now button below:

A Beautiful Live Ladybug - Live Ladybug Photo Not Actual Size and Ladybugs Color Will Vary

Ladybugs are incredibly cool and charismatic and also essential predators on farms and forests that keep the areas from being overrun with pests like aphids and mealy bugs.

Ladybugs are also said to be lucky. According to tradition, your wish will be granted if you tell your wish to a ladybug and then gently blow it away back-home.

What do ladybugs eat? Ladybugs are predators. Individual ladybug species may differ in their food preference, ladybugs mostly eat crop-damaging insects such as aphids, but can feed on any other small insect, spider or spider eggs. Some adult ladybugs occasionally supplement their diet by eating pollen, nectar, or honeydew.

How many different species of ladybugs are there in US and the world? There have been over 500 species of lady beetles identified in the United States, and over 4,500 in the world.

How long do ladybugs live? After a female lays her eggs, they will hatch in between three and ten days, depending on ambient temperature. The larva will live and grow for about a month before it enters the pupa stage, which lasts about 15 days. After the pupa stage, the adult ladybugs will live up to one-year.

What are the best times and places to start collecting ladybugs? The best time to find ladybugs is between May and October. The best places to search for ladybugs is around lush plants and plants like wild flowers, weeds, trees and shrubs are home to many ladybugs.

ladybugThe best ways to collect ladybugs depends on the plants:

  • For plants like grasses, weeds or flowers you will catch more ladybugs if you use a sweep net. A sweep net is a tough cloth bag on a metal ring attached to long handle. By sweeping your net back and forth through the plants you knock ladybugs off and they land in the net. If you do use a sweep net you will probably want to divide into two groups with one group “sweeping” and then dumping ladybugs into a bin or onto a sheet for the other group to catch ladybugs and place in containers.

  • For tough or woody plants carefully grab the ladybugs or tap into a jar. Instead, lay a sheet below the bush or tree and “beat it” gently with a stick or dowel and then collect the ladybugs as they fall onto the sheet.

We will soon be offering additional interesting back-yard products, plants, vegetables, fruits, square tomatoes, trees and outdoor services...

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