Exactly What is a Paperless Toilet?

- The first "paperless toilet" was invented in Japan in 1980. The paperless toilet is a combination toilet and bidet. This paperless toilet dries the user after first washing the buttocks area. Approximately 2/3 of paperless toilets with seat warmers are found in Japan's households. They are also found in hotels and even some public facilities.

How does the paperless toilet work?

  • First you press the button which gives you the 'Bidet' experience.

  • A spray of warm water which is perfectly aimed.

  • Then another button allows you to change the water temperature. There are three different settings of water temperature from luke warm to hot.

  • Then there is another button with 5 settings which allows you to the water flow from a trickle to a full blast.

  • Of course, curiosity got the better of me and I took a sneaky look over my shoulder to see how the Bidet actually worked.

  • There is a button to adjust the temperature of the toilet seat, which has three different heat settings.

  • After all that is done, you select the dryer to complete the paperless toilet experience.

History is unsure of who the inventor of the flush toilet is. No matter who gets the credit of this marvelous new no paper-less toilet invention, the toilet has made our lives safe and comfortable.

Types of Toilets

no more toilet paper needed with the paperless toiletType # 1 Toilet - Gravity Toilet: The gravity tank toilet is a two piece tank toilet which is commonly used in homes.

Type # 2 Toilet - Pressurized Tank Toilets: This toilet uses water line pressure to achieve a higher flush velocity. Water is not stored inside the tank but instead in a tank which compresses a pocket of air and releases pressurized water into the toilet bowl and out toilet sewer trap way.

Type # 3 Toilet - Flush Valve Operated Toilet: This type of toilet is usually found in many public and commercial rest rooms. This toilet has no tank. Instead of a water storage tank, this toilet uses a valve directly connected to the water supply plumbing of a building and this valve controls the quantity of water released every time you flush a toilet.

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